Antique Wooden Boot Trees

Recently I was asked by the owener of the Cambridge Tasting Room if I could make a lamp from an old pair of boot trees. Having never made lamps from boot trees before I jumped my car to meet her.

The boots had been stained and were covered in wood worm but had lovely original leather toe caps. We decided that due to the damage on the wood it would be best to decoupage them and I found a lovely peacock feather paper that suited the Tasting Room colours.

After treating the boots for wood worm I set to work choosing the wood to make the bases from, drilling and putting in the internal fittings. The came the fun part of getting covered in glue and staining my fingers blue and green! Once the decoupage was complete it was finished off with a couple of layers of varnish and mounted on the wooden bases with the wiring finished off…

The end result I love and I may need to make some for myself after finding final paper in strong reds and blues! At this rate my home will look like an Aladdins Cave of lamps!

katie sills