The Concept

Having lived on a small island in Indonesia for a few years where all rubbish had to be taken by boat to the main land recycling as much as possible was very important to our small community. The local Gili Eco Trust began to make bottles and ashtrays from old Bintang bottles and soon enough all the local bars and restaurants were using them. It didn't take long until bottles were hanging from restaurants and bars lighting up the island.

On moving back to England in 2016 I decided to make some of these lights for my home. Having worked in the Cambridge catering industry for many years before moving to Asia I still had a fair few friends I could call on to save me some bottles.

A passion for recycling and a love of rummaging around the local antique barns and fairs and the idea for UpCycled Lighting Co was born. My style has progressed over the last couple of years and I find myself seeing lights in the weirdest of places!

katie sills