Giant Italian Bottle Green Carboy Lamp (54 litre)

Giant Italian Bottle Green Carboy Lamp (54 litre)


This Dame Jeanne was one of four 54 litre Italian carboys I curently have.

Originally used to carry wine in the late 1800's and early 1900's, these bottles have a variety of names; the most popular being carboy and demi john.

This carboy has been fitted with a brass switched lamp holder and black cable. If you would like to customise your lamp and choose a different colour cable please message with the colour you would like.

Lampshade is not included

Only seven available. If you order more than 1 please be aware there will be a 2 week delivery time.

85cm H X 45cm W X45cm D

All parts used are CE certified and the lamp comes PAT tested.

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