Cambridge Truffle Gin Fairy Lamp

Cambridge Truffle Gin Fairy Lamp


Simple yet effective ! You cant go wring with a Truffle Gin bottle and fairy lights!

This has to be my favourite bottle from the Cambridge Gin Distillery but it is now a limited edition as they will soon be replacing the bottle with a new design, so if you like this lamp drop me an email to add you to the waiting list!

The lights run off a small battery that is housed within the bottle so no unsightly wires or battery packs ruining the look! The battery charges within 20 minutes from a usb and lasts 8 hours. All electrical parts used are UK or Italian made and CE certified and the lamp is PAT tested.

Charger is not included.

These fairy lamps can be made with any bottle (neck size dependant), if you would like one made from your favourite tipple, please get in touch via the contact us page.

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