Large French Bottle Green Carboy Lamp (45litre)

Large French Bottle Green Carboy Lamp (45litre)


This Dame Jean was one of 4 I found in a French antiques market, but the only one this colour! Originally used to carry wine in the late 1800's and early 1900's the French a demijohn is called a “Bonbonne”, as well as a “Dame-Jeanne”, in honor of the first Queen Jeanne of Naples, Countess of Provence, who encouraged Provencal glass makers to create this type of wine bottle in a basket.

This Dame-Jean lamp has brass switched lamp fittings and black cable. This large lamp looks great with a large 40cm diameter drum shade or with a simple Edison style bulb, mounted on a table or on the floor. It is an unique lamp if you want a statement light in your room!

Lampshade not included but can be purchased separately.

The willow basket complete with red collar at the top of the basket, can be purchased separately. 


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